About Me

Hey everybody I'm Becky, a 22 year old food aficionado, learning to cook and parent effectively. This blog serves as a means of communicating recipes and sharing any and all cooking tips. I am a fairly new cook and mother, learning to practice patience in both these areas of my life. I'm slowly learning that patience goes a long way when you have a two-year old...but I think i'm getting the hang of it.

Cooking began as a hobby for me when I became a stay at home mom about two years ago. These past few months I have really started trying new recipes and became interested in baking a whole lot more. It used to be that I was always afraid of working with new foods, or new ways of cooking foods because I didn't want to try something unfamiliar that wouldn't turn out right. But through trial and error, is sometimes how you end up making some of the best foods...so I'm no longer quite as afraid to venture out of my cooking "comfort zone."

I'm not Mrs. Creativity and I have never blogged before, so a lot of my pictures aren't always the prettiest or arranged in the most unique of ways, but I do love to write. And I love food. I'm learning how to incorporate the two and working on my food presentation diligently. And I've gotta say, it's a lot of fun taking pictures of food all day...

My daughter Lorelai is my whole world. (Yes, I got the name from Gilmore Girls.) She's the sweetest, smartest little thing I've ever known. She cracks me up with her antics all the time, and I think she's growing up too fast. I can't even seem to remember when she was incapable of walking and that scares me. I worry that I won't remember her at this age either, that's another reason for this blog...keeping memories for myself that I'm afraid I'll forget. This may be a food blog, but at the heart of it is my family. They are my everything.

I'm in school for veterinary technology right now. At first, I was going to school for radiology, but I've always loved animals and grown up around dogs, cats, and rabbits. It just made a whole lot more sense. Animals I get, radiology I knew nothing of. Sometimes, you have to make decisions that will help your family and other times, you have to choose what makes you happy. With veterinary technology, It's  a happy medium.

 It would be amazing to eventually open up a small catering company on the side, but i'm taking it one day at a time. Right now my focus is getting my degree and being a good mother and wife.  I love watching movies and going to the park with my daughter and fiance. I aspire to travel with my family to Europe one day (before I am thirty) and taste all of the amazing cuisine! Time will tell...