Film Feasts

I'm obsessed with movies. I mean it. I absolutely LOVE watching movies in my spare time. I'm also an avid book reader. And did I mention I am hooked on Game of Thrones and How I Met your Mother? Ok, I guess you could say I have a few obsessions then...

Do you have any idea where I'm going with this?

Food. Ah Yes, we always come back to food. But I'm talking point blank about food on film. That's right, being the avid movie watcher that I am, one of the elements I almost always notice in a movie or show is what kind of food the characters are eating. So, I have compiled a list of foods from movies/shows/books that look good enough to make. That's right, I went there. Hope you all enjoy this list because I will be making quite a few of these tasty morsels.

Stay tuned.

  1. Death Proof Nachos---Death Proof
  2. Serendipity Frozzzzen hot chocolate---Serendipity
  3. My Big Fat Greek Spanikopida---My Big Fat Greek Wedding 
  4. Butterbeer---Harry Potter
  5. $5 milkshake---Pulp Fiction
  6. Beef Bourgiougne---Julie & Julia
  7. S'mores---The Sandlot
  8. Lonely Chicago Pie---Waitress
  9. Luke's diner coffecake---Gilmore Girls
  10. Traditional english trifle---Friends
  11. I love you to death pizza---I love you to death
  12. Sookie's magic risotto---Gilmore Girls
  13. Royale with cheese---Pulp Fiction
  14. Poached eggs---Julie and Julia
  15. Jalepeno poppers---How I met your mother
  16. Gray's papaya style hot dogs---Fools rush in