Just for Fun

Having fun is important. Everybody deserves an excuse to kick up their feet and just veg out. For me, fun means time spent with my family watching movies, playing outside with Lorelai or just getting out of the house and going to the bookstore.

 From time to time, I thought it would be fun and helpful to review some movies, shows, books, restaurants, etc., or just tell you all about my newest obsession of the moment. (Right now, Burt and I are in the 2nd season of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix and LOVING it!) I am also going to post a few kid-friendly movies, shows, and family activities as I come across them in hopes that this can give parents a few new ideas of what to do when their child is bouncing off the walls. I'm thinking along the lines of activities you can do at home and places to go with your children (museums, parks, classes).

But for right now, this is mostly going to be my picture forum. I love taking pictures of everything we do and see along the way on our little excursions, so this is where you will find a ton of pictures of me and the family just having fun and being crazy.
I figure this way, my fun can be your fun too.
Ok, so I'm completely in love with this song:

Gotye, "Somebody I used to know"

Give it a listen, it's gooood stuff. I feel like a giddy teenager again, music surfing and all excited about new bands and such :)


Lorelai's new glasses, what a cutie!


My big girl reading!

Eating yogurt...what a mess!

Good times with the family

A Stroll in the Park at Little Mulberry

When the Circus came to Town

Hobbies of a Two-year old

Drinking coffee...ummm whoops

Hide and Seek (she's pretty good)

Rearranging my kitchen cabinets
Taking a snooze in the pantry

Sweeping...the cabinets?

And vacuuming! What a neat freak!

Note: These tasks were not assigned to my two-year old, she grabbed the broom and vacuum out of my hand, and threw a fit when I tried to get them back. Apparently, a clean house makes for a happy toddler. (odd sense of fun, this one has.)