Monday, February 20, 2012

Have we met?

Hello, fellow bloggers!

Let  me start by introducing myself to you. I'm Rebecca and food is my passion. Cooking is my new hobby, or calling if you will. Although it's becoming increasingly difficult now that my daughter Lorelai, is reaching that terrible twos phase, at 19 months. Usually, It's me with a mixing bowl in one hand and another hand on the cabinets my daughter is trying to open. (I've been meaning to childproof everything) But on the upside, at least I have a perfectly happy contender to sample my baked goods! (Burt, my fiance hates all foods sweet) Besides being a mother of one amazing little girl and a fiance to a great guy, I am a full time student. Right now, I have some time off from school so I am pretty much your run of the mill stay at home mommy. So there you have it! A little bit of insight into a pretty simple person.

I hope you all enjoy reading! And feel free to share a little bit about yourselves with me. I'm all ears!

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