Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthdays and growing old, with a side of studying

Burt's birthday was Saturday...and I'm just now getting around to posting something. You can see how busy I've been.

School started last week bringing with it lots of studying, homework assignments, and all my hopes and dreams of getting through this program in one piece. Of course, you can't get through a program on hopes and dreams alone; this is where the studying comes into play. I'll admit to being the world's worst studier. My usual study habits are as follows:

  • Listen to the lecture and take extensive notes (even though my professor posts them all online)
  • Keep postponing printing out of the notes
  • Wait til the last minute to gather all of my notes together and sit in a quiet room for about 25 minutes
  • Get a snack
  • Finish studying another 25 minutes by reading over my notes one more time
  • Assume I have a good head on my shoulders so I'll figure it out come test day
  • Take test
  •  Think to myself,"why didn't I make note cards or a legitimate study guide??"
  • Fail miserably
  • Cry and eat
  • Vow to study  the right way next time
  • And repeat
Yeah. You can see how there might be a kink or two in my system. Thankfully, my test is next week, and I have a professor whose lectures are ridiculously interesting! So I may surprise myself this time around...

Anyways, back to Burt's birthday. He turned 23, so now he thinks he's getting super freaking old. This is how he said he felt when I brought him his cake:

Isn't it funny how when you're a kid you can't wait to grow up and once you're all grown up life refuses to slow down? Me and Burt talk about that all the time. Before we know it, our little Lorelai will be all grown up...I don't even want to think about it!
So I made a cake, a supposed "Mountain dew" cake but it tastes like a yellow butter cake with some buttery sweet icing. Hmmm...Butterdew cake perhaps? There's no recipe this time, because it's just a box cake mix with some mountain dew thrown in the mix. So....yeah.

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