Friday, September 7, 2012

Here's to you, Summertime

Summer has gone by in a whirlwind. In all of the back to school rush and excitement, I feel like I haven't gotten the chance to give the season it's proper farewell, which isn't fair considering how much happiness summer brings...With that in mind...Let's take a little journey to commemorate this summer, shall we?

Summer. It just wouldn't be the same without...

Chocolate sprinkled cake pops

And farm animal cupcakes,

Riding in cars with dogs

 Undressed turkey burgers...

  That just got a LOT more delicious!

 Plastic sunglasses

And summer sunsets,

Swings at the park

 And plastic ice cream cones,


 And acceptance,

 Now that sounds like music to my ears.

Summer, thanks again for making many great memories possible this year. I'll never forget them. Looking forward to making many more next year. Until then, I bid you, adieu...

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